Palestinian Prisoners Day

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In memory of the Palestinian Prisoners Day - Arab Students League
Yesterday I was cruising in Brussels and I bumped into "The League of Arab students in Europe" who where marking the "Palestinian Prisoners Day". Israël is still imprisoning and violating the basic rights of approximately 8500 detainees including 340 child...See More

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Fight and improve your actions! The 'world' silence these crimes because their financial, industrial and politic leaders are collaborating with the Israeli State. They are partners in crime.
The Isreali leaders who are really gangster, shut down water supply to the Palestinians, because they will break the resistance of the Palestinian people and the growing international movement which defends the Palestinian people.
They use the same torture techniques and terrorist methods as the Belgian State which seeks to silence us about the child porn case Zandvoort.
Marcel Vervloesem of our association was false accused. After a media campaign of 11 years, he has been imprisoned in 2008. The Zandvoort case was covered. He was 50 days in solitary confinement in prison and was chained during 591 hours at the operating table and his hospital bed. They wanted him dead and used him as a hostage to silence us and stop our actions. Marcel is seriously ill (cancer, heart disease, severe kidney problems, diabetes, he was more than 20 times in emergency surgery). The Belgian minister of Justice, the Belgian government, the Belgian media and the Belgian and European members of parliament are very well aware of this case. Their silence should be seen as a little help for their friends who abused and tortured children.
All we can do is fight and keep fighting.
I hope that the Palestinian people and the people who support them, continue their fight too.
The Israeli state should be fought on the same way as the South African apartheid system.
Fight and improve your actions! Find a solution for the lack of coordination!

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